Friday, November 29, 2013

bedroom plans, part 2

After a short Thanksgiving break, we're back! 


-My wall color choice is fascinating- gray. I know, right. I want something on the wall, but the current color can't decide whether it's yellow or tan. Also, I remember being extremely impressed with my friend's gray room in 9th grade and loving the color on the walls, so I'm pretty sure it would look nice.
-I need a good way to store records, as my collection is growing and may soon escape the book shelf I'm storing them on. I've seen some Expedit units being used as good record storage, and I could use the top to hold my player as well. Currently it's sitting on a small trunk, but I need storage too and I can't use the storage if the record player is on top. Major world-shattering problems obviously.
-I like having a big table top for a desk.I'm hoping that by getting rid of the GIANT dresser that's taking up a lot of real estate in the room now I'll be able to re-claim some office space. Right now I'm thinking that I can just get a nice piece of ply, sand it, stain it, and slap some hairpin legs on it and be happy. For storage I can stick a locking file cabinet underneath.This desk is pretty cheap too, so it could work.
-After a recent robbery, I'm definitely feeling a place where I can lock up my laptop in a place that's hard to carry out. Enter: file cabinet that can fit under a desk. Obviously not against the industrial look too. I'm not linking this- it's from Office Depot, go wild.
-There's a (fake) Eames molded plywood chair just hanging out in the basement and it kills me every time I see it down there. It doesn't really fit with the rest of the house's decor (antiques), but still.
-More band posters! Have to maintain my punkness somehow. Check out Lemuria, they're the best. 

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