Sunday, November 24, 2013

bedroom plans, part 1

   So in a short while I'm moving back to my dad's house. I was trying to think of an exciting way to start this post, but that's about the gist of it. My dad lives in a town in Westchester co. New York that could easily double as the setting for Hocus Pocus if they needed to make a gritty re-boot. It's a nice enough place- you feel safe, but there's still a tattoo parlor.
   Since I moved to New York for college, I've lived there intermittently- a month here and there during vacations, the longest stretch being an entire semester when I commuted from there to the city. That semester was a miserable one, partly because my schedule made sleeping consistently and enough impossible, and partly because I was very unhappy with living there. My room was not really my own. On the few occasions I was there I couldn't do anything by myself; I had to rely on others to take me everywhere. The latter I've solved quite easily (hello new-old car), but the former I'm still planning out.
   The room was planned for use by me, but designed without any input, and now I always feel like I'm in a guest room. Let's change that.

Let's take this left to right:
- Let's get this out of the way: I'm a boring Manhattan Nest/Door Sixteen devotee- whatever. This pattern is so simple and lovely and cheap cheap cheap! I noticed Target ran out and then re-stocked so maybe the blogosphere loving this rug ran up sales? I don't know, but I need to get it before it runs out again. (here)
-Hygge and West removeable wallpaper. Not sure how my dad/stepmother would feel about wallpaper, but I have a small wall I think this pattern would look lovely on, and it's removeable! Again, another Manhattan Nest find, but I swear I have other influences (lies).
-The Lillesand. Sadly discontinued at Ikea, I still love the lines of this bed. My ultimate would be an old iron bed, but I have a feeling I can find a cheap Lillesand on Craigslist- I saw one in a Salvation Army for $30 last month but had nowhere to store it. Urrrggh.
-My middle school love for Riot Grrrl has not lessened over the years and Midge's print is awesome. I need some cool art, because right now I have nothing.
-This is the Patchwork Dresser from West Elm. See that price tag? Naaaah son. It's also not quite the shape I think I'll need either. Right now I'm thinking I can paint and stain an inexpensive Tarva dresser from Ikea. I can have more control over the stains and hardware, plus get a tall boy (do other people call 5-drawer dressers tall boys or is that just my mom?)
-Speaking of Ikea, a Hektar floor lamp might be in my future. I have the baby version mounted on the wall next to my bed in the apartment right now, but depending on how the new layout works, papa lamp might be called for. I've been lusting after it for a while online but I recently saw one a friend's place in person and it is fairly huge, so it's definitely something to consider.

   I have a lot of other plans, but I can't shoot my load all at once.Tune back in, catch you on the flip side and good night and good luck,.

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