Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Things to do in 2014

In 2013 I posted a list of 100 things to do in the year, based off of a marvelous post from Summer Pierre's blog . I accomplished 28. It was interesting to actually write down goals though- not just weekly projects, or long-term plans, but a mixture of "hey this is neat I want to do this," and "this is a concrete step I need to take into adulthood or whatever."
But try as I might, it's February and this year I've only thought of 50. I didn't want to just Ctrl + P last year's list, though there are some repeats. Maybe it's because I'm a little consumed with trying to find paying work right now, but I can see myself more easily adding things after I've posted it, because then it's out there. Or maybe it'll stay at 50. I'm decisive!

  1. Take a mini road trip. 3-4 hours.
  2. Visit another country
  3. Survival job- bartending?
  4. Save at least $[redacted]
  5. Work on 5 shows
  6. Get a “headshot-“or at least a nice professional lookin’ picture.
  7. Create SM website
  8. Contribute to blog at least weekly
  9. Make something once a month…
  10. …especially things that will improve your carpentry skills
  11. Repair/improve spear
  12. New tattoos
  13. Start a morning/night routine 
  14. Start building credit- get a card
  15. Renew EMT certification
  16. Find an exercise I enjoy
  17. Do the 25 book challenge- think those lists in middle school
  18. Send out Christmas cards
  19. Visit Jacksonville
  20. Get a picture strip from a photo booth
  21. Clean out my room at my dad’s place
  22. Go to a literary event in the city
  23. Rush a show while I still can
  24. Write a new piece
  25. Submit it somewhere
  26. Upgrade my computer
  27. Sell all the stuff I have in the ebay bag on ebay
  28. Rock some high-waisted shorts this summer
  29. Go on a date
  30. Visit the Mutter Museum
  31. See 12 concerts
  32. Get a doctor in New York…
  33. …and have a physical/check-up…
  34. …also, the samesies with a dentist. Been a while, folks!
  35. Donate blood.
  36. Take the Staten Island ferry
  37. Buy a decent pair of boots
  38. Make mac n cheese pizza
  39. Get angled bangs
  40. And a kick-ass ombre effect
  41. Go visit the lobby of the Chrysler building
  42. Open a credit union account
  43. Go to a flea market
  44. Visit Jordan in Boston
  45. Sort files and get a good system going
  46. Visit the Mutter Museum
  47. Weed out my records
  48. Make a legit SM kit
  49. Re-upholster the chair in the garage
  50. Go to a museum I’ve never been to before (Mutter doesn’t count- two!) 
  51. Visit a flea market
  52. Create and stick to a morning/evening routine
  53.  Frame my band posters

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