Thursday, November 22, 2012

In the beginning, there was a Michael's receipt

Hey guys. Grab a seat. Not on that soap box, that's mine. Listen to the tale of how I've ended up at the sad, sad point that I'm at in my life: starting a shelter blog (with minimal shelter).

So over the past couple of years, I've gotten really into interior decorating, (really, reading about interior decorating- I'd always had interest in the actual practice) after stumbling onto Apartment Therapy via some research on apartment rentals. My interest surprised me at first, but thinking back, the pieces add up. In short: insomniac little girl who reorganizes DVDs and bookcases becomes creative writer at arts high school, renowned mainly writing goofy humor columns, then moves to NYC for college and flips the bird to her high school sweetheart, English Lit, while hopping on the back of Technical Theatre's motorcycle and riding off into the sunset. End run-on sentence before presumed life-long unemployment.

Are you effing kidding me where's the stuff about DIY and making knock-off West Elm pendant lights out of egg cartons, and EAMES SHELL CHAIRS?

Calm down, this blog will mostly be about not my past, but my present fails. So here's the deal: currently, I don't actually have a place of residence where I can change like, anything. Daniel Kanter always has very funny spiels about how people who say they can't do anything to their apartments are dirty liars, and he's pretty much right. Except: I live in a dorm. Yikes. I'm even a Resident Adviser so rule-breaking is uber-forbidden, because I'll get fired.

But, but, but: I'm planning on getting a place (with roommates) sometime in the summer. Originally, I was going to start this blog then. However, my good friend Lindsay suggested I start it now: "Think of how cool it would have been to read a blog with tips on how to decorate in a dorm!" Plus, I could always use another creative outlet.*

*Thing that makes me procrastinate.

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